Our Process

DYI | Screen Printing Autism T-Shirts

Designing autism t-shirts is so much fun, especially when there's music involved. Our screen printing process is like any DIY autism shirts you would do at home. What makes Alien Loud special is it is owned and operated by an autistic person with ASD. This means our shirts have been tested and approved of being an 'autistic-friendly' tee. Textures can be a touchy subject (pun intended) with autism people. All Alien Loud autism music shirts have tear-away tags or come straight up "tagless".

Screen Prep

The first thing we do is prep the screen. This is when we clean the screen and apply it with emulsion. This is all done within a light safe environment. The process takes a few hours to complete.


Once the screen is prepped, we need a bitchin' graphic to burn on the screen. This is when we take an image and use UV lights to burn the image in our screens. Similar to photo development.

Screen Printing

After we wash out the design through the emulsion using water, The hard work is done. It's time to have some fun! We set the screen with graphics on the press. Then apply the ink to print.

Cure Inks

Finally, we need to cure the ink. High heat is applied to the garment. The heat marries the ink to the fabric. The shirt is ready to be worn!

Premium Fit

We use premium fitting shirts that not only fit great, but feel amazing too! Like most delicates, our garments have care instructions that will make the shirt fabric and design last way longer.

Every shirt will feel and look brand new, because it is! We make your order when you submit it. That way you get to enjoy the new shirt smell as much as we do. Everyday Shirts and Limited Shirts are both made using the same premium cotton goodness. You will notice the difference immediately and wonder why you never started wearing premium shirts before.