Alien Loud takes pride creating with music in mind and the client at heart. Each piece of garment is treated like it was our own. We value our customers as we do our products.

Alien Loud (411)

Alien Loud launched July 6th, 2019 out of Columbus, Ohio. We support, celebrate and specialize in autism awareness shirts and music clothing.

Mostly known for our "alien wearing headphones t-shirts", Alien Loud takes a unique approach creating autism awareness.

Created, operated and ran on, "The Spectrum"... All shirts are screen-printed on premium cotton and made when ordered.

Our Journey

The "Alien Loud" wordology comes from two words: "Alien" and "Loud".

  1. "Alien" - (Noun) used to describe person (humanoid) that is not from Earth. One who is out of this world (likely on the spectrum).

  2. "Loud" - (Adjective) used to describe something (or someone) that is of high quality; very good; awesome; sick (slang); cool; dope (slang); amazing.

Alien Loud stems from the idea of being confident as being different. Simply saying, autism is everywhere, a lot of us who are autistic tend to quiet themselves from others. Most of the time we are occupied mentally or just observing and analyzing people, wondering how and what it is that makes everyone else... "normal". Throughout our journey we will gain your trust and confidence by filling the gaps between what's different and what's normal.

Our Mission

Our mission is to create confidence with music. Alien Loud takes pride in creating with music in mind and the client at heart. Each piece of garment is treated like it was our own. We value you as we do our products.

Look and feel amazing with the confidence of Alien Loud clothing and apparel with our 'Everyday Selection' or by some of our limited edition series prints and designs.

Along our mission we plan to raise autism awareness within the music industry. We hope to inspire autistic music producers and autistic music artists (all who live on the spectrum) to have the confidence and ambitions to reach your full musical potential.

Everyday Alien Loud is creating ideas, capturing vibes and reppin' for both music producers and artists.

Our Garments

Our clothing is made with 100% cotton (removable tags) and screen printed by hand using plastisol and water-based inks that look and feel amazing.

The creator is super sensitive to touch and frowns deeply on dry or scratchy vibes. Each shirt will have a 'tear-away tag'. Feel free to read the care instructions and remove it if bothers you, too!


Creator & Development - Nick Caskey (Alien Loud General)

Brand Management - Tru Matisi Joyner (Alien Loud Lieutenant)